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homehome NEW CONFORMATION OF VARESE RAILWAY STATION STOPS (Automatically translated article)

New conformation of varese railway station stops

From 15 November significant changes in Piazzale Trieste.

The evolution of the construction site of the so-called "Stations project" involves some changes to the bus stops in Piazzale Trieste, at the Varese.


From Monday, November 15, 2021, the conformation of the stops will be as follows:


- URBAN LINES To say. Biumo Superiore, E dir. Avigno/Palasport, Z, B, G, direct High Schools Masnago: advanced stop of about 100 meters, at the butcher/ former Chalet Martinelli (Angeli Urbani);


-URBAN LINE M (Varese-Morosolo): confirmed stop at the butcher/former Chalet Martinelli (Angeli urbani);


-ADVIS URBAN LINE O: extended to Corso Moro (Varese Centro);


-LINEA EXTRAURBANA D (Varese-Azzate): first useful stops of passenger loading in dir. Azzate at VIA ORRIGONI or VIA PIAVE (no railway station);


-LINEE EXTRAURBANE L (Varese-Bisuschio/Brenno) + N06 (Varese-Cuasso al Monte/Ponte Tresa): terminus at PIAZZALE TRENTO (Ferrovie Nord station). Suppressed the stops of viale Milano and via Orrigoni.



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