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Autolinee Varesine info points new!

A reference point for public transport in the heart of Varese

Friday November 17 began the activity of new bus Infopoint Varesine, right in the Centre of Varese, in the former newsstand on the corner of corso Moro and piazza Monte Grappa.

After years of neglect, thanks to the efforts of the municipality of Varese and the company, the old newsstand has become an invaluable reference point for all public transport users.

Here, close to some of the most popular stops on the network bus Varesine, si can buy tickets both urban service, suburban service: at the moment there are subscriptions, for which Central ticketing offices remain operational viale Milano 2 (opposite the railway station) and piazzale Kennedy (market).

The Infopoint will soon be equipped with an electronic Panel informative where we will notify you, in sharing between Autolinee Varesine and the municipality of Varese, useful news about changes in service, news or events of particular significance. Guests can also request further map of urban transport, as well as any kind of information about Bus Services Varesine.

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