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Questions and answers about our services

A series of clarifications on the conditions and modalities for Bus lines travel Varesine

In this section we try to answer some of the questions that users ask most frequently in relation to our regular services, urban and suburban.

Question: there are no more seats! What do I do?

Answer: Autolinee Varesine buses are all qualified to transport people to be seated or standing. This applies both on the urban network (the "Orange City"), because on that highway (the "blue"). The maximum capacity of a medium is stated on the registration certificate of the same and, in many cases, even on a sticker placed over the dashboard, next to the cockpit. Our drivers will always ensure that this value is respected.

However, there are afew tips to keep in mind for a more comfortable. Meanwhile, try not to huddle at the front door or near the cockpit: our buses are long on average twelve meters and there is therefore no reason to "clog" only a part, with all the difficulties of the case. In addition, for students it would be advisable to ground, or in the designated overhead compartments (when present) backpacks and folders. Finally, we remind parents, whenever possible (especially if you travel in pairs), to replace the buggies once on board the bus, just to save space for the benefit of all.

Q: can dogs travel?
our four-legged friends are welcome on buses. All dogs must be on a leash and muzzle: small-sized ones, which don't take up space, travel free. Medium-large sized ones instead, pay a regular ticket (€ 1.40) on the urban network and a fixed ticket is 2 (1.80 Euros) on the suburban network.
The transportation of dogs can be refused in case of overcrowding. Guide dogs for the blind are free and are always allowed.

Q: are there any discounts for children or the elderly?
A: children under five years of age travel for free on our entire network
. If a traveler has two or more children, you must pay a regular ticket for every two children. For seniors, there are no special discounts.

Q: what is the role of controllers?
the controllers/Auditors, often on our bus, ensure that all passengers are provided with a regular ticket. Attention: the Auditors have the status of public servants, so that they can get personal documents for passengers. In case of refusal, the same Auditors require the intervention of the police to complete the identification of the subject.

Q: I forgot something on the bus! How do I recover it?
all lost items are delivered, at the end of the day, at depots. When you realize that you forgot something on the bus, contact Autolinee Varesine via mail (posta@autolineevaresine.it), on the official Facebook page or phone (0332.731110, letting the puck up to talk with an operator). Be precise in the description of the lost item and possibly even (especially line and time) you believe I lost it.

Q: something went wrong and I have a complaint to make. How do I?
A: write an email to posta@autolineevaresine.it. We will respond as soon as possible after verifying the cause of the disruption and taped the message that must contain the name and surname of the passenger.

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