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Line N15-stop suppression Casalzuigno-Marianne

From December suppression of nearest Casalzuigno-Marianne

Autolinee Varesine inform our users, that due to lack of safety conditions and in accordance with the local public transport Agency of Como-Lecco-Varese, from Thursday, December 1, 2016 is suppressed the stop at "Casalzuigno-Marianne" on line N15 direction Luino.

Therefore, we encourage interested users to use Alternatively of Casalzuigno-Villa Della Porta Bozzolo or Cuveglio-province of Varese.

Towards London, instead, the halt of Casalzuigno-Marianne is temporarily kept alive.

Autolinee Varesine apologizes to the public for the inconvenience.

Bardello-Ghirla, November 28, 2016

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