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Tips for a more comfortable

Autolinee Varesine suggests its users some useful behaviors to improve the quality of the journey on the different lines, with particular relevance for entry and exit times from schools in conjunction of which, for obvious reasons, buses are particularly crowded.

First of all, we encourage passengers to make full use of the entire length of the medium: it can happen that, in the face of overcrowding near the cockpit, the rear reserve a lot more space, both in terms of seats, both as regards the standing room.

In addition, students in particular are advised not to keep our backpacks on their shoulders: if they are kept in hand, flat on the floor or deposited into the special compartments, in fact, you would gain a considerable amount of space able so to make the trip more comfortable for everyone.

Finally, we encourage all passengers to keep at hand the ticket to speed up both the obliteration, whether the checks by staff.

Autolinee Varesine thanked the public for their cooperation.


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